Clarke’s Cleaning Services offer power washing for all areas of the home. Power washing, also known as pressure washing,  is the most efficient way to clean granite walls and steps, driveways, patios and even limestone surfaces. The benefits of power washing are below. Power Washing is the best way to remove unsightly aspects such as graffiti and moss.

Pressure Washing Dublin

Ease of Cleaning

In normal cleaning, you have to scrub the surface to loosen and remove debris. Applying what is colloquially called “elbow grease” to a cleaning project, especially on a large outdoor surface like a driveway, could be difficult and time consuming. Pressure washing allows you to stand up straight and simply apply the force of the water to the surface–no extra effort is required. When you pressure wash your surfaces, there is also a significant time savings as compared to regular cleaning methods. You save the time it takes to prepare a cleaning solution and meticulously scrub the area down. You also save time (and preserve safety) because you do not have to get on a ladder or maneuver to reach areas that are high above the ground, like the siding of a home. You can simply point the pressure washing sprayer upward to get the surface clean.

Power Washing Dublin
Environmental Benefits

When you use a pressure washer, you do not necessarily have to use a cleaning solution in order to get the job done (unless you have a very tough job to take care of). The force of the water that is emitted by the pressure washing tool is enough to remove most dirt from a surface. As a result, the toxic chemicals present in many cleaning solutions do not run down into storm water drains and the streets or into your lawn. This helps reduce the toxins that are present in the environment.

Granite Graffiti Power Cleaning